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Stunning at an Affordable Price

The website design and development process can be confusing and frustrating. Trust me, I have been there. We simplify and streamline the process.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ~ Hungerford. Each business likes to express themselves in a unique way. Custom designed websites are a way to show that you believe image matters.


There are many options to create a basic or common website. But, to truly develop a website of quality, one must master the skills of digital development.


Having experience working in the Marketing Department allows me to hone your website to attract your target audiences through Search Engine Optimization

Social media

Using social media as an advertising and engagement platform has huge potential to drive customers to your business. As someone trained in social media marketing, I am able to integrate your social media accounts into your website and give advice.


As customers are flocking to the internet to shop, stores are continuing to move from "brick-and-mortar" to online. I have built several eCommerce sites that allow customers to browse, select, and purchase physical and digital products.

Help & Support

My pricing structure allows for help and customer support. Websites can be difficult to maintain, but a monthly service plan will remove the stress from keeping a website up-to-date. 

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